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There are several reasons why we want to repaint our homes. Especially the kitchen, an environment so related to family and friends meetings and cozy meals!

Not satisfied with your kitchen cabinets? At High End Finishes Inc. We can easily transform them,  returning essence and beauty to the environment.

How About a            Make Over?

For a fraction of the cost of building a new kitchen, we can help you to facelift and makeover your current one.




  • Your cabinets are old and damaged

  • Your cabinets have developed mold

  • Your cabinets are stained with old food and grease

  • Your cabinets are cheap and low-quality

  • Your cabinets don't go with the look of your kitchen

Need color inspiration for your kitchen?
Here are just a few examples for you to get you imagination flowing! 


Do you want to go entirely against the old colors of the white kitchen cabinet paint?

How about choosing the opposite? Painting the kitchen cabinets in matte black will make your kitchen stand out.

If you're going with a white walls, then Black cabinets will add perfect contrast by drawing immediate attention to them. The perfect contrast can make any kitchen of any size look amazing. What better contrast than black and white to bring that wow factor to your kitchen!


Grayish Tones 

Grayish tones are in the palette of each minimalist., Painting the kitchen cabinets with gray gives them an aesthetic look they deserve. Gray tones have this calming and soothing effect on people, thus elevating your daily cooking experience, you can go with dark gray for cabinets and light colors for walls to get that contrast in your kitchen. If you think of lighter gray, bringing some wood elements into your design will do the job. Not only that, grey cabinets are much easier to clean compared to whites.

Kitchen Interior
Country Style Living Room

Double Color

Using two different colors that complement each other for top and bottom cabinets is a beautiful way to bring drama and attention to your kitchen. This has been a trend for a long time, and this is here to stay. A fundamental combination of white and black to mix traditional wood with colorful cabinets works wonderfully well in any kitchen.

cozinha branco preto.jpeg
White Grey Kitchen

Pastel Kitchen Paint Colors 

Pastel colors are known for being soothing colors, especially if you are considering a kitchen remodel. What better place than a kitchen to have that relaxing feeling? Baby blue, lavender or even peach are amazing colors for kitchen cabinets.,

You can also paint your walls and backsplash white, thus adding the complete calming effect of the place. In addition, white goes incredibly well with all pastel colors. Hit that!

Rustic Kitchen

Darker Tones

To add contrast to your entire design, choose lighter, predominantly white colors for your walls and backsplash. Your closets only appear and attract immediate attention if they are of a darker tone.

carl-gartman-eUvshcvtULI-unsplash (1).jpg


Green is another color to choose from to bring that aesthetic sense to your kitchen. Not only that, green is also associated with nature, for this reason, painting your kitchen cabinets green will have this calming effect on you, when you are turning green for your kitchen cabinets, choosing contrasting colors for your kitchen walls and the backsplash takes the beauty of your kitchen to another dimension.

Copy of Copy of Untitled (26).png

Wood Finish

If painting your kitchen cabinets with colors isn't your thing, then giving them a wood finish would give you all the vintage vibes you need., The finished wooden cabinets are making a comeback in most homes nowadays, and will never get out of fashion.

You can choose to paint the top cabinets with any lighter color and give the lower cabinets a wood finish. In this way, you are bringing modernity to your kitchen, keeping the vintage vibes intact. finished wooden kitchens also make the place cozy and makes cooking and hosting a good experience. Not only that, they are also easy to maintain as dirt is not usually visible in cabinets.

Copy of Copy of Untitled (20).png

Various color options

Want to go all experimental with your kitchen and add some individuality by expressing yourself? So choosing various colors for your cabinets is one way to do all this.

You can choose colors that complement each other and paint each cabinet differently. You can also choose to paint different colors for different cabinets based on what you will store in them. It becomes a visual representation of everything and also adds to all the visual appeal of the place., choosing to go with various colors for your kitchen cabinets will make your kitchen stand out from the rest, and will definitely tell a story of your individuality.

Copy of Copy of Untitled (21).png
Copy of Copy of Untitled (27).png

White or anything close to the white

 No matter how much we talk about all the colors with which you can go to your kitchen cabinets, the all-white design will always be something you can't ignore.

White has that very simple, in his kind of character face to him, so not giving him any headache except probably while keeping it. if it is not white, at least colors closer to white, or may also consider some ivory shade for the colors of your kitchen.

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