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Tropical Wallpaper


Can you hear crinkling sounds when running your hand over the surface of the wall?

 Well if you do, the wallpaper has buckled and it needs to be removed.

Are there any tears in the wallpaper at the corners of the walls?

When walls settle, wallpaper sometimes tears in a corner, meaning it is a good time for you to renovate your space. 

If you are planning to get new wallpaper for your walls or if you are tired of your wallpaper and want to  go for a fresh new look with a coat of painting, there is one thing you need to do first, REMOVE YOUR OLD WALLPAPER!

At HIGH END FINISHES INC we are here to make that change happen!

Untitled design (14).png
Untitled design (17).png
Untitled design (15).png
Untitled design (19).png
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